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Welcome To Yaffa

Yaffa was launched in 2010 with the aim of promoting Palestinian products in the UK. We have experienced excellent demand and support from the public in the UK who recognise the importance of supporting Palestinian farmers to market their high quality goods at excellent prices.          
           Palestinian farmers often face difficulties; even  when they are able to pick their crops, they don’t  get good prices for their produce due to the  limited market available to them. Yaffa offers an  avenue for farmers and producers to successfully  market their goods outside the Palestinian territories.
When sourcing our products, we ensure all produce originates from Palestinian farms and factories and that the farmers and workers are paid a fair price for their products. Not only does our operation help the farmers but we also pack all products locally using local packaging factories, thus creating jobs for many workers. Our orders also create opportunities for local printing and transport companies.          
           In addition, as a small input into supporting the  Palestinian agricultural sector, we have been  sponsoring 6 local university students studying  agricultural engineering on an annual basis. This  comes in the form of payment of tuition fees on  behalf of carefully selected students who would  otherwise struggle to pay the fees.

Please join us to support Palestinian farmers and the local Palestinian economy by promoting Palestinian products. We believe that empowering the local community to produce and market world class products is much better than charity hand-outs.

Thank you very much for your support.